Children's Service Center of Wyoming Valley, Inc.
Board of Directors

Officers Current Term Ends Affiliation County
Ms. Colleen Doyle, Chair 2022 Legal Wilkes-Barre
Mr. Edward Coleman, Vice Chair 2022 Human Services Wyoming County
Mr. Gary Groves, ** Secretary 2023 Business Wyoming County
Mr. Mathew Shaffer, Treasurer 2023 Business Lackawanna County

Directors Current Term Ends Affiliation County
Ms. Mary Anzalone 2023 Business Luzerne County
Mr. Stephen Barrouk 2024 Business Wilkes-Barre
Mr. Craig Bound 2024 IT Luzerne County
Mrs. Cassandra Coleman 2024 Government Pittston
Mr. George Conyngham, Jr. 2024 Business Wilkes-Barre
Mr. George Cosgrove 2022 Education Pittston
Mr. Brian Costello 2022 Education Wilkes-Barre
Mr. John Henry 2022 Business Luzerne County
Mr. Charles W. Koehl III 2022 Business Wilkes-Barre
Ms. Judy Rice 2023 Business Kingston
Mr. Paul Siegel 2024 Business Wilkes-Barre
Mr. Jonathan Spohrer 2023 Legal Kingston
Mr. John Thalenfeld 2024 Business Wilkes-Barre

**Consumer Representative

The CSC Board appoints/reappoints Directors/Officers each year at the Annual Meeting in November.