Family Finding Services

By utilizing effective and extensive relative search processes, the Children's Service Center's (CS) Family Finding Service aims to discover relatives and engage them in the planning and decision making of important aspects of child’s life.

Specifically, using the Family Finding Model by Kevin Campbell and LSI Diligent Search, CSC's Family Finding Services:

  • Builds a Lifetime Family Support network for children in foster care.
  • Identifies relatives to multiple degrees and other supportive adults, estranged from or unknown to the child, in hopes of identifying willing relatives to become permanent connections.
  • Permits youth to have a range of commitments from adults who are able to provide permanency, sustainable relationships within a kinship system, and support in the transition to adulthood.
  • Provides comprehensive and coherent documentation of all research performed and found.

What to Expect

  • An intake interview allowing caseworkers an opportunity to share and communicate current connection knowledge, discovery goals, and support goals.
  • An update on the initial findings within 10 days of the submitting referral.
  • Open communications throughout the discovery process.
  • A Blended Perspective Meeting to bring the known connections together and discuss the youth’s strengths and concerns.
  • A documented file of all activities performed and information gathered.

The goal of the Children's Service Center's Family Finding Service is to increase reunification rates and improve the well-being and sense of belonging of children living in foster care. One result of reuniting families is the prevention of recidivism within or between formal service systems, including the prevention of youth graduating into the adult correctional system.

Family Finding Services are provided the Children's Service Center and in collaboration with and funding from Luzerne County Children and Youth.