Continuity of Education Plan

School: Milford E. Barnes Jr. School, Partial Hospitalization/Therapeutic Program

Educational Director: Dr. Michael Koury

Address: 335 South Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

Email/Phone: / 570-825-6425 ext. 228


Goal of Plan:

The purpose of Continuity of Education Plan is to provide Milford E. Barnes Jr. School students the opportunity to reinforce and develop, to the fullest possibility, prior learning and skills while not at the traditional school setting.

Overview of Plan:

During the school closure due to COVID-19 outbreak, the CSC Milford E. Barnes Jr. School's plan will focus on Instruction/Remediation; Enrichment and Review. Formal activities began on March 30, 2020.

Expectations for Teaching and Learning:

During the pandemic closure, teachers and students will focus on enrichment and review activities that reinforce previous material taught and will build on prior knowledge. Instruction and remediation will focus on key core concepts not mastered by individual students during the school year that need to be retaught with remedial support. Also assignment make up of subjects from previous marking periods reported incomplete.

Communication Tools and Strategies:

Communication tools and strategies include email, phone calls, CSC website, Classroom Dojo, Gswite: Google Classroom, and Sumdog website. Frequency of communication will vary according to need and grade level.

Access (Devices, Platforms, Handouts):

In order to provide enrichment and review and instruction/Remediation opportunities to all students, CSC Milford E. Barnes Jr. School will utilize various platforms and communication enrichment opportunities to students. While this is not and exhaustive list, mechanisms for communication are Online Enrichment and Review through the use of Parent Communication Network "Classroom Dojo", which a vast majority of our students and families are currently connected to. The few remaining will be strongly encouraged and instructed in downloading the application, Google Classroom, and/or non-digital instruction via mailing materials and instruction along with daily phone support to both students connected and not connected online. In addition, the CSC website and email communication and any other tools available to parents, students and teachers.

Staff General Expectations:

Teachers are expected to provide enrichment and review activities along with instruction/remediation key skills previously taught but not mastered, maintain consistent communication with parents/guardians, and collaborate with other teachers regarding best practices to remote learning. Teachers and staff will communicate with students, parents, guardians through various platforms listed in the access component of this plan. Materials and activity assignment packets were given to each student prior to the pandemic closure, all others received the packets via mail. All parents/guardians were contacted via phone and classroom dojo to explain how the activities will be provided. Communication will continue on a regular daily/weekly bases. It is recommended that teachers follow their regular schedule and remain accessible during school hours.

Student Expectations:

CSC Milford E. Barnes Jr. School expects that meaningful student engagement will include students completing assignments weekly and regularly communicating with their teacher.


CSC Milford E. Barnes Jr. School plan is based on an asynchronous participation. Meaningful student engagement would include students completing assignments weekly to the best of their ability and regularly communicating with their teacher and staff.

Good Faith Efforts for Access and Equity for All Students:

CSC Milford E. Barnes Jr. School has made available reasonable platforms to ensure equitable access to all students. Teachers will be available to provide reasonable accommodations to students eligible for such accommodations. Ongoing communication has been encouraged to addressing issues or needs that may arise.

Special Education Supports:

CSC Milford E. Barnes Jr. School expects meaningful student engagement will include students completing assignments weekly to he best of their ability and regularly communicating with their teachers. Material and activity assignment packets will be developed by their teachers with study guides, worksheets, remediation tip sheets, worksheet drills, reduction of length of assignments, worksheets and quizzes for certain deficient students functioning below grade level along with computerized assisted instruction (CAI) of videos reviewing and enriching the materials. Assignment packets will be individualized by instructional grouping that is according to the instructional level known by their teacher.

Teachers will document all communication and monitoring daily/weekly. Teachers will follow the PDE revised protocol, all IEPs and or RR will be developed and phone conference meetings will be held within the required timelines. A face to face revisit to the IEP and/or RR will be offered when school reopens. Transition issues will also continue to be addressed. Teachers of school transition age students will be available to help with job applications, college applications, voter registration, etc.

EL Supports:


Gifted Education:


Building/Grade Level Contacts*:

K, 1, 2 - Ext. 211

  • Miss Lindsey, Teacher
  • Miss Jeaky, Classroom Aide
  • Miss Jenna, Classroom Therapist

Primary 2-4 - Ext. 218

  • Miss Shea, Teacher
  • Miss Melissa, Classroom Aide
  • Miss Anna, Classroom Therapist

I-1 – 4-5 - Ext. 215

  • Mr. John, Teacher
  • Miss Emily, Classroom Aide
  • Miss Lydia, Classroom Therapist

I-2 – 6-7 - Ext. 203

  • Miss Maureen, Teacher
  • Mr. Yaz, Classroom Aide
  • Miss Scarlet, Classroom Therapist

I-3 – 7-9 - Ext. 217

  • Miss Nicole, Teacher
  • Miss Vanessa, Classroom Aide
  • Miss Erin, Classroom Therapist

A-1 – 9-12 - Ext. 260

  • Miss Nicole, Teacher
  • Miss Cathy, Classroom Aide

A-2 - Ext. 203

  • Miss Shelley, Teacher
  • Miss Edith, Classroom Aide
  • Miss Tammi, Classroom Therapist

Education Director Dr. Michael Koury, Ext. 228

*Note: The best contact is through online Classroom Dojo, otherwise use email or leave message on staff voice mail.

Resource Links:

Children's Service Center website
Classroom Dojo:
Gswite: Google Classroom
Teacher's email