Juvenile Sex Offender Program (JSO)

Juvenile Sex Offender Program (JSO): JSO targets individuals who have engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviors, are in need of intensive sexual psycho-education, have been adjudicated of a sexual crime, or have used the internet or other form of communication inappropriately during the past six months and remains at a clinically high-risk for reoffending.

JSO requirements include:

  • Age 12 through 21 years
  • Has engaged in a sexually inappropriate action(s) within the past six months.
  • Risk of out of home placement due to sexual behaviors.
  • Significant mental health and behavioral issues, with identified behavioral health concerns/diagnoses

The goals of JSO are to provide an intensive level of care aimed at the sexually inappropriate behaviors of the individual, to increase responsibility, acceptance and accountability for their actions.

The JSO program is developed to keep the clients in the community with a structured program to avoid out of home placements. The JSO program provides specialized individual treatment, group therapy and relapse prevention after discharge from the JSO program.

Success is determined by reduced recidivism and fewer out of home placements.

Contact Information

Carolanne Jones-Leco, Vice President of Programs
Phone: 570-825-6425
Email: cjones@e-csc.org