Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis intervention services are provided in situations where an individual's mental or emotional condition could result in behavior that constitutes an imminent danger to oneself or another. Crisis intervention services are immediate, crisis-oriented services designed to diffuse or resolve precipitating stress. These services are provided to adolescents, children, and their families who exhibit an acute problem of disturbed thought, behavior, mood, or social relationships. Mental Health Crisis Intervention includes intervention, assessment, counseling, screening and disposition services, which are commonly considered appropriate to the provision of mental health crisis intervention.

Services include:

  • Walk-in Crisis Service: This service provides a face-to-face meeting with a person in crisis, or a person seeking help for a person in crisis, at the provider's designated facility. These services are provided at CSC's main campus on 335 South Franklin Street in Wilkes-Barre, and at the Tunkhannock office at 133 West Tioga Street
  • Telephone Crisis: This is a 24/7 service available on-site during weekdays or through Help Line service, which screens incoming calls and refers each call to a mental health crisis worker.
    • 570-825-6425 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00 pm)
    • 570-836-2722 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00 pm)
    • 570-829-1341 (Help Line Services, non-business hours)
  • Mobile Crisis: This is a 24/7 service available at a community site, which is the place where the crisis is occurring or a place where a person in crisis is located. This service shall be available with prompt response. Services may be individual or team delivered by mental health professionals or crisis worker.
    • 570-825-6425 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00 pm)
    • 570-829-1341 (Help Line Services, non-business hours)

Target Population Served: Crisis Intervention Services at Children's Service Center are an immediate response service designed to treat children and adolescents up to age 18, or up to age 21 if the child is enrolled in a school setting. Children's Service Center provides services to children and adolescents who reside in the catchment areas of Wyoming County and the upper portion of Luzerne County.

Crisis Direct Contact

Elizabeth Hollinger, Director of Crisis Services
Phone: 570-825-6425 Ext. 714